We have so many happy customers we cant possibly post it all here!

If you would like to see examples of our work, give us a call, we are happy to put you in touch with some of our current clients!


Below are a just of few of the many thanks and recommendations we have received from our customers:

Thank you so much! We are so happy with the way things have turned out. All the plants are looking really good! ~ K.H.

It is so nice to get rid of all that moss, I can't remember the last time the driveway and sidewalk looked this good. Thanks again! ~ B.D.

Thank you for the good service! I'm so glad my neighbor recommended you to me! ~ J.A.

When I signed up I really just expected you guys to stop by and prune a few things once a week, but you have given me so much more! I never really thought of it before, but I really like having my driveway cleaned off every week, especially with all the needles that fall during the winter! Thanks again for blowing off the roof, that was great! ~R.L.

The lawn Looks so much better! thanks for all the hard work! ~ N.M.

You guys are doing such a good job, I hope you don't mind but I recommended you to my friends, I'm sure they will call you soon. Keep up the good work! ~ P.C.

I love how you didn't leave any streaks when you power washed the driveway, the last time I hired someone to do a power wash It didn't look nearly as good as it does now! Thanks! ~ M.S.

If you would like a personal reference, we have many customers who would be happy to share their experience with you over the phone or by e-mail. Typically we only give these references out to you after we have completed an estimate for you. This way we don't abuse the kindness of our valued customers. If you would like to get an estimate please call us toll-free at 1-855-244-4753 or 1-541-513-7218 or send us an e-mail: turningleafmaintenance@yahoo.com

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