If you are already part of the Turning Leaf Landscape Maintenance Family, or if your are considering starting a
new service, this sheet should answer some of the questions you may have. If you have any further questions
please give us a call at 855-244-4753 or 541-513-7218 or turningleafmaintenance@yahoo.com


We do not require contracts for regular maintenance customers. We know that choosing a new landscape
maintenance provider can be difficult, and we want to help make that process as stress free as possible. We
believe in the quality of the service we provide and we want you to feel comfortable in choosing our service.
We are confident you will be happy with the service we provide. If for some reason you are not satisfied, you
can cancel your service at any time by phone, e-mail, or USPS.


Regular weekly services are customized for your yard and may include mowing, edging, blowing, weeding, and
pruning. Other services may be included on request or as time allows. Our regular maintenance services are
based on our hourly rates. Your estimate should show how much your weekly rate will be.


Semi-weekly services may be a good option if your budget is small or if your yard does not require frequent
services. Ask us if a semi-weekly maintenance plan is right for you. We can customize a semi-weekly service
for your yard including mowing, edging, blowing, weeding, and pruning. Other services may be included on
request or as time allows. Our regular maintenance services are based on our hourly rates. Your estimate
should show how much your weekly rate will be.


We bill you after the work is completed. Unless you have a large project planned, we do not require a
payment up front. If you have a regular maintenance schedule we will create your bill on the 1st of each month
following the month in which the services were performed. Bills are created on the 1st, however it may take
up to 10 business days to mail these bills since we review each bill individually for accuracy. Maintenance
services that are not part of your regular maintenance plan will be billed upon completion. You can pay your
bill by sending in a check or money order, or if you prefer we can accept your credit card payment at the time
of service or over the phone. Late fees will apply to any overdue invoices. If you know you will be late paying a
bill, please contact us to make arrangements.


The quality of our service is our top priority. In order to maintain the highest quality service, we have
developed a quality control program for all of our clients. Our system ensures that your quality control
manager will visit your property at least once a month to check that our crews are providing you with the best
maintenance service possible. While on site your Q.C. Manager will inspect your property and help our
maintenance crews identify issues and assign maintenance tasks for the next month. Your quality control
manager will be your primary contact for your service. If you have any questions or concerns about your yard
please call or e-mail your quality control manager. Refer to you invoice to see the name and contact
information of your quality control manager.


Many landscape maintenance providers include the cost of seasonal fertilization in your plan by distributing
the expense throughout the year. Because we do not require contracts for regular service, we do not include
fertilization costs in your regular service charges. Fertilization services will be completed seasonally for both
shrubs and lawns unless you specify otherwise. We will complete fertilization during your scheduled
maintenance service, and you will see an additional charge on your bill for the cost of the fertilizer.


If you would like organic fertilization services please make sure and specify at the time we set up your service
(or as soon as possible) so that we do not accidentally fertilize your lawn or shrubs with anything else.


There are many factors that make keeping your grass green and moss free one of the most challenging parts of
maintaining your yard. Heavy shade, poor or compacted soil, excess moisture, and heavy thatch are just a few
of the reasons your yard may not be looking it’s best. We will continue to inspect your grass and make
recommendations on how best to care for your lawn throughout the year. If our attempts to restore your
grass to a healthy and lush appearance are unsuccessful it may be time to completely re-sod or re-seed the
lawn, including the installation of new soil to assist in drainage.


For our regular maintenance clients fall leaves are handled as time allows, often this means that we will not
be able to remove all the leaves during your regular visit. During late fall when leaves are falling heavily, we may
manage leaves over time by creating piles to be removed during a later service date. We will do our best to
keep your yard looking great during these times. If you need extra leaf cleanup services, or have a request as
to how we handle the leaves on your property please give us a call so we can schedule some extra time to
deal with the leaves.


Our cleanup services can help transform a neglected or storm damaged yard into a beautiful outdoor living
space. If you are starting up service after going without for a while, your yard may need some extra attention.


Our regular maintenance customers seldom have a need for additional cleanup services, however sometimes
an unforeseen circumstance such as a storm or a fallen tree can mean we need to spend extra time to clean up
the mess. If you are a regular maintenance client we will cleanup the mess as soon as possible. Hourly service
and hauling rates will apply to any additional time required for the cleanup.


We do our best to provide consistent and reliable service to you. If for some reason we do miss a service
date, we will do everything in our power to make up that service date as soon as possible. For weekly services
we will return to make up the service within 4 days of the scheduled service,. We may also, at our discretion,
make up the lost time during the next weeks visit. You will not be billed for a service date that has not been
made up for. If there is any change to your service due to a missed day, we will let you know as soon as
possible. Typically we notify you via e-mail so please provide us with a valid e-mail address so we can send you
notifictions of this type.


We cannot provide maintenance during inclement weather, or when snow is on the ground. If there is a
weather condition that makes servicing your property dangerous or impossible for our crew, we will not send
our crew out. We do not typically send out notices to regular maintenance customers for missed days due to
snow or violent weather since it is usually very obvious that we cannot send out a crew.


Rain does not usually inhibit our maintenance services, however it may be that we cannot mow due to heavy
rain or moisture. Our crews will perform other maintenance services if your grass cannot be mowed.


Unless otherwise specified we will continue your maintenance schedule throughout the year. During the
winter the grass does not grow as fast as it does at other times of the year and we may not need to mow
every visit. We will typically use this season to finish cleaning up from the fall leaf season and to get to tasks
that we may not have had time for during the rest of the year. This is usually a good time to request additional
services like gutter cleaning since we will possibly have time available during your regular visits to get the extra
work done.


If you have any question about any of our services please contact us:

local landscaping company family run landscape profesionals with experience in plants, bakr, mulch, weeding, mowing service, blowing, deck restoration, pressure washing, sprinkler head repair, moss controll and more Turning Leaf Landscape Maintenance.

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