bark installation, weed controll is esential to keeping your comercial property looking good, layer on at least 2 to 3 inches of bark, mulch, or other material to prevent new weeds and keep you shrub areas looking great. you can choose from a variety of mulches and barks: nugget bark, hemlock, fir, bark mulch and more.
Bark & Mulch Installation

You want your business looking it's best all the time and that means neatly mulched beds that are free of weeds and debris. For commercial properties we recommend fresh bark or mulch several times a year depending on how much traffic and attention the area gets.

Proper mulch coverage keeps your business looking great, and will help retain moisture and nutrients while preventing growth of weeds and other plants that sap nutrients out of the soil. We can freshen up your bussiness with a variety of colors and sizes of bark and mulch products from local providers. We can even bring some samples to you so you can see for yourself what particular bed dressing will look best.

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